Human Copywriters vs. AI: Why They Matter

Over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed AI tools are the topic of conversation on social media. Take your pick – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn – odds are you’ll find a post on your newsfeed about ChatGPT and its rapid improvements as a content generator and language processor. In many industries, including the world of marketing, there are some concerns that jobs will be replaced by advancing technology.  

But IMPACT, a Belgian-based technical and construction employment agency, recently created an ad attached to the side of an under-construction building that put AI tools – and the buzz surrounding them – into perspective. Wrapped around scaffolding, the giant billboard read, “Hey ChatGPT, finish this building… Your skills are irreplaceable.” A photo of the ad went viral, especially on LinkedIn.  

Yes, AI language tools, like ChatGPT and, are fantastic. But they aren’t the end-all answer, particularly in marketing, where carefully crafted words, target audiences and human-to-human interaction play an essential role in developing clear copy that elevates your brand. Check out our three reasons why, in an AI-filled world, using an experienced copywriter makes the difference in marketing your business.  

Nailing Your Voice 

Whether you’re creating a digital ad campaign, print collateral or refreshing your website, generic generated content doesn’t compel your customers to act. Copywriters truly understand target audiences, their feelings, pain points and how businesses position themselves to certain demographics. With each client, it takes hours to grasp these concepts.  

As marketers, we look at the purpose of a particular piece of content – not just the words. Creatively capturing the way your business speaks, following your brand’s standards guide, if you have one, and convincing customers that they identify with you is an art.  

An Assist, Not a Solution  

AI isn’t the definitive solution for creating marketing copy. However, copywriters are integrating AI into everyday agency life as a time saver.  

ChatGPT and other tools have, in many cases, mitigated writers’ block by providing copywriters with ideas in the form of high volumes of content. For example, ChatGPT can offer a solid, clear answer to a question from an SEO topic authority cluster. Then it’s up to the copywriter to fact check the answer and tailor the response to fit your business’ voice.  

The Human Experience 

Each and every business we market has unique goals, needs and target audiences. To fully understand all of these key factors, our team has many face-to-face meetings with clients. Questions are asked, from “what’s your unique value proposition?” to “what’s your ‘why’ for starting your business?”  

AI can write content, but it can’t capture a CEO’s passion for their product or service, a passing comment that later turned into an essential detail in an ad or a heartfelt personal anecdote sparked by an off-topic conversation. In marketing, establishing or enhancing your business’ identity happens organically. Connecting with you is what helps us grasp the big picture, understand your reasoning, and build out a message that aligns with your marketing strategy.

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