Tricia Robustelli

Client Relations Manager

Born in Connecticut and moved to Florida when she was four • Has been playing volleyball (indoor and beach) for over ten years, coaching for three years • Has an irrational fear of wasps; seriously, she will RUN away no matter the circumstance • Was once told to never wash her hair in the morning when it’s cold out or you’ll get sick and sticks by it like her life depends on it • Has been a Harry Styles fan since the One Direction days (circa 2011) • Loves listening to music, reading books, hanging out with friends and more! 

2 truths and 1 lie

Want to get to know Tricia little more?
See if you can pick the 2 truths below!

She has a twin sister
Got stuck in the Paris Airport due to her flight getting canceled at midnight
Auditioned for American Idol


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