It’s undeniable – digital marketing isn’t simply a trend but a cornerstone of business strategy for companies across a wide array of industries. Over the years, consumer habits have undoubtedly evolved, from the way people interact, using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn, to how products, services, companies and more can be easily found via Google and other search engines. Out of almost eight billion people in the world, more than five billion utilize the internet for work, streaming videos, scrolling social media, gaming and solving everyday problems – and that number is only expected to grow, rising to nearly eight billion by 2029.

These statistics seem obvious considering how all of us, including our creative team here at Grapevine, rely on the internet for nearly everything in our lives. But digital marketing is continuing to grow exponentially, with nationwide ad spend hitting $303 billion this year – up from $268 billion in 2023. From targeted advertising to cost-effective strategies, unparalleled audience reach to a wide variety of creative campaigns, here are five compelling reasons why digital marketing should be your business’ next investment.

  1. Unrivaled Increase in Brand Awareness: Digital ads, incorporating catchy headlines, strong calls to action and attention-grabbing designs, can increase consumers’ familiarity with your brand by 80% per Google. In fact, 90% of users will encounter a Google ad during their journey online.
  2. Effective Return On Investment: While many tactics, such as print ads or collateral creation, have their place in marketing plans, digital ads can make all the difference. For example, 59% of viewers think YouTube ads are more relevant to their interests than those found on streaming platforms or TV – and short-form videos have the highest ROI among all marketing trends.
  3. Ideal for Small Businesses: A study conducted by Mailjet found that 43% of businesses feel digital marketing is most effective for brand awareness. And, according to LocaliQ, more than half of small businesses use display ads.
  4. Acquiring Targets With Intention: While you can target audiences based on demographics, interests and more, there are a number of strategies for reaching finite groups of consumers. PREDIK Data-Driven found that 8 out of 10 marketers who used location-based tactics, like geofencing, saw an increase in customer engagement and response rates.
  5. Engaging Potential Customers Via Retargeting: It may be a worthwhile strategy for your business to reach users who have already explored your website. Retargeting consumers who may be interested in your products and services can be an effective way to create conversions. A study conducted by SharpSpring Ads and Ascend2 found that people who viewed retargeting ads were 70% more likely to become a customer.

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