Across every industry, there is a wide variety of businesses and competition between them is endless. Each company may have their own unique branding, value proposition or systems and processes. But, when it comes to your business, how can you stand out among the rest and resonate with consumers, especially when more than half have lost trust in a brand?

One of the most effective marketing strategies for building rapport, loyalty and trust among any target audience is positioning your brand as an authority within your industry – showcasing results, providing important resources and educating consumers without gimmicky language or exaggerations. From homebuilders and HVAC companies to law firms and marketing agencies, like our creative team at Grapevine, there are countless case studies of well-executed ways for businesses to become go-to figures in their respective spaces. And this month, we’re showing you four ways your brand can stand tall among the competition, generating buyers through authenticity and authority.

Spreading Value Via Social Media

Whether your preferred platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram or all the above, your social media presence should have more value than simply posting your company’s services, a call to action and a link to your website’s “contact” page. Last year alone, noted in the 2023 State of Social Media Report, business leaders widely agreed that stronger brand reputations are built through their social media channels.

Positioning your business as an industry authority means sharing thought-provoking, resourceful content – and maybe a few posts leave out a link to schedule a call or contact a team member. Your informative content can incorporate statistics, solutions, facts and trends about your industry and how it affects your audience. 

Become a Media Contributor

Transforming your brand into an authority involves more than changing your social media strategy. It’s about sharing your expertise and opinions through other media channels, including podcasts and industry publications. You may not have the time or energy to write a guest column every week or month, but there’s no reason why you can’t become the next brand featured author for a magazine think piece or on a podcast discussing topics within your industry and how customers are impacted. By contributing on an already-popular platform that covers subject matters certain audiences are interested in – including your industry – it’s likely that you’ll grow the pool of followers and supporters of your business.

Share Your Customer Testimonials

You and your brand can say it all, but the words that are truly an authority are those of the customer. Just check out our blog post, published in December, to get a feel for how testimonials are powerful storytellers for your business. In fact, BrightLocal’s 2023 Local Consumer Review Survey found that 98% of people read online reviews for local businesses – and 46% of consumers felt that online business reviews were as trustworthy as personal recommendations from family or friends. Create a monthly customer “spotlight” post for social media, featuring the latest review of your business, add a testimonial section on your website’s “about” page, and show your target audience that you’re a valid industry authority co-signed by other consumers.

Create Content On Your Website

There’s a variety of ways to curate meaningful industry insights on your website, showing that your brand is an industry leader and driving traffic to your website. Blog writing continues to be a tried-and-true strategy for posting authoritative content, whether you’re looking to feature tips and tricks or do a deep dive into a niche topic. You might hear “blogging is dead,” but it’s simply transformed with more than 600 million active blogs that have flooded the space – and there are numerous statistics backing up why it’s worth your time. Just get to the point and add a useful video or two.

SEO topic authority, which our team offers and covered extensively in a blog post from January 2023, can not only raise your website’s placement on search engines but also provide your customers FAQ-style content that turns your brand into an authority figure they can turn to for resourceful information.

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